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Grooming Services

Fresh n' Clean

***UPDATED 5/22/2023***

At this time, we are unable to accept any new FULL GROOMING clients.  This refers to dogs who need their hair cut.  We CAN provide baths, nail trims and de-shed baths. All grooming dogs must have all required vaccines and proof of flea/tick preventative uploaded to their account prior to requesting an appointment. 

At Brammer Farms LLC, we love to help you keep your pets looking their very best!  We offer baths, nail trims,  sanitary trims and full service grooming for our clients. Price varies based on your pets size, hair type and breed. We are able to accomodate most request for basic grooming, however full service grooming appointments with our groomer must be booked in advance to secure a spot in her schedule.  Contact us to schedule an appointment or you can add any of our grooming services on to your pets boarding booking.  

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