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Answers to all of your questions

Below you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions we get from pet owners looking to board their pets with us.  I’m happy to address any questions and concerns you may have that aren't answered here.  Feel free to text me at (256)654-0663 with any questions or concerns.

How long will my pet be in a kennel each day?

At Brammer Farms, pets have minimal kennel time.  Our boarding guests are kenneled for meal times and rest times throughout the day.  We allow our boarding guests to have as much free time as possible throughout the day and evening.  We begin our day at 7am and end their day around 8:30pm.  

What is required to board my pet at Brammer Farms?

In order for your dog to board at Brammer Farms LLC, they must be current on all vaccinations including Canine Influenza Bivalent H3N2 AND H3N8. (Requires an initial dose and then a booster dose 2-4 weeks later then annually thereafter), Kennel Cough (Bordatella), Rabies, Parvo and Distemper.  Cats that are boarded must also be current on Rabies and FVRCP.  All pets must provide proof of current NAME BRAND flea/tick prevention for each stay.  We accept Advantage, Advantix, Frontline, Seresto or any prescription brand prescribed by your veterinarian. To book a stay for your pet, you can click the "book now" button at the top of our website. 

How will my dog be introduced to other dogs?

At Brammer Farms, we encourage free play an socialization when possible but we also realize that not all dogs may be appropriate or comfortable in group settings.  We have six separate indoor play areas and six separate outdoor play yards so we are able to separate dogs into small groups according to size, temperament and activity level. New dogs are able to start in a play area alone so that they can acclimate and we can observe how they interact with other dogs. Once your dog seems comfortable with the neighboring dogs, we may try to allowing them to visit with another dog to see how they do.  We never overwhelm a nervous dog or put other dogs at risk by placing an aggressive dog with them.  For dogs that are not comfortable with other dogs, we are able to allow them to play alone in an individual play area.  For dogs who exhibit dog aggressive tendencies, we can put them on an alternate schedule so they can play while the other dogs are resting. 

What do I need to send with my pet?

All we require that you send is your pet's food.  However, you are welcome to bring along treats or chews.  We do not allow beds.  Food and water bowls are provided.  All dogs are provided with a Kuranda Cot.  We ask that you please label items with your pets name on it somewhere so we can be sure everything goes back home with you.  We are not responsible for anything that is damaged during your pets stay. 

How should I send my pets food?

Please send your dogs food in a hard, sealed plastic container with their name and feeding instructions written on it. Please do not send ziplock bags or an open bag of dog food.  Please include the necessary scoop or measuring device.  We can accommodate dogs who are on raw diets or need their food refrigerated. We can administer supplements or medications as needed.  Please include pill pockets or whatever is needed to get your dog to take their medication. 

Can you groom my pet while they are there?

We do offer baths, nail trims, ear cleaning and sanitary trims.   If you are interested in adding a grooming service to your reservation, please let us know or add it when you book online.

Can I check on my pet while I am away?

Yes!! We never mind for you to check on your pet! As a matter of fact, we try to send photos and updates periodically just to let you see what all your pet is up to. If you'd like to check on your pet, you may text us at 256-654-0663 and we will be glad to let you know how they are doing.  Please limit your updates to no more than once per day.  

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